Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I refuse to be the fat bridesmaid!!!!!

ok all is well now lots of things to update Eddie has been struggling to go into school getting very upset I have found out there is a new child in the class who is crying all day!!!!! After having a meeting with the teacher who was adement it was my fault for bringing him to school and he should come in a taxi even though i know its is because of the child crying which is one of Eddie's triggers!!! she has now decided that I am right and that he will settle once the new child settles. i would just like to I TOLD YOU SO

orders are flooding in so busy busy busy candles and mum's pillows are very popular for mothers day xx

Ben has his bestie Jonah for lunch and play today its very amusing sitting here listening them playing wiv the trainset i must be mad.

my bestie is in labour wiv her little boy can't wait to get some snuggles in when he's finally here good luck sarah push girl push xxxx

And to the title of  todays blog my little sister (we share a dad but not mum) who i only found via facebook 3 and a half yrs ago has finally found the ONE in  the shape of neil they are moving in together later in the year and they hav announced they are getting married next year. she wants me to be bridesmaid so i am now on a big mission to loose the final excess lb's i have about my person so as of today chocolate is out and weightwatchers is in!!!!!

todays menu cereal for breakfast
                      ww tom soup an 2 slices of ww bread for lunch
                      grilled chicken veg and baked pot for tea

fingers crossed will keep u posted on my plan i am 12 stone 8 at min wud like to be nearer 11 xxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Back to normal life

well we have all be poorly so not been able to blog but we are all back to normal now so the blog and tweet fest will begin!!!!!!

not been able to get much sewing done but have managed to keep up with my ever increasing order book and my new card range is going well.

have also ordered some trinkit boxes to decoupage for sale on my stall in may. the teacup candles are flying out as are the little mum pillows

still working on my range of plaques so watch this space xxxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Its been a good day!!!!

Lots of things achieved today sorted out the card commission I had last night and been and sourced some more cups and saucers for my candles I've also completed a mother's day pillow which I will be selling for £5 each

Eddie's had a good day I even had a sentance from him today nearly fainted lol When I asked him if he'd had a good day he said 'I've been a good boy' it was as clear as anything I am so proud of him.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back to the blogger in me lol xx

not been able to blog much wiv one thing and another but hopefully life's back on track and hopefully i will be able to blog each day again xxxx

Eddie has settled back into school well after his illness and as i always said it wasn't me taking him to school it was the noise of the unsettled new children who hav all now settled and eddie is less upset when he sees the classroom shock horror i know my son better than his teacher!!!!!!

On the downside he has decided that 3am is an appropriate time to get up which i am afraid is totally killing me i am having to go back to bed for an hour after the school run or i would never get through the day he however seems to be able to keep going till bedtime grrrr.

I have been making my scented candles in tea cups and expresso cups these are £5 for the tea cups and £3-50 for the expresso cups the design of the china depends what i can source so are individual


How they come gift wrapped

Expresso cup

I have also been dabbaling with greetings cards i have made 8 cards to see how people feel about them what do u guys think? will be charging £2 per card.

This has taken forever to add a pic so i won't be able to add the others for i would throw the computer out of the window xxx

Monday, 30 January 2012

1st Day Back At School woohoo

Well Eddie's gone back to school today and he went in no problems after I had worried myself silly all night expecting a massive battle this morning. He had a little fight over the uniform(he put it away twice) but once it was on he was fine even putting his socks and shoes and I was shocked to say the least lol

Having a go at candle making gonna look for some tea cups to make them in ready for mother's day i think i need to change the xstitch in Rachel's Xstitch Creations to handmade doy u guys lol xxx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Finally back to normal

well its been a horrid few weeks As Eddie has had a nasty ear an throat infection he lost his voice for 2 days and stopped eating which was horrid I really would rather be ill myself than the little ones but Eddie especially as he can't tell me whats wrong. To make matters harder my in laws were away so had to rope in the wider family cudn't of done it without them.

so lets see whats been happening that i haven't had time to tell you all :-

1. when his voice returned we had 3 new words Pingu, Picking and Nanny....
2. Had his review at school which was very positive he is doing really well with his swimming and 
    doesn't need 1:1 anymore (which considering he wudn't even go near water before he started in april
    is amazing ) he is using his pecs(picture exchange communication skills) so well he has moved upto
    the next stage using a sentence strip. and they are introducing him to the maths programme as his
    love of numbers is totally apparent. he can put the numbers 1-10 in order and is trying to count
    making a good sound for each number. he has learnt to peddle a bike and is now using the toilet
    rather than pullups cudn't of asked for a better review his targets for the next year are to answer the
    register and to identify his own name. One very proud mummy and daddy here xxxx
3. took Ben swimming for the 1st time with his little pal and his mummy which i was amazed he loved
    we did have a little struggle over the trunks as he didn't understand cas he has to wear nothing in the
    bath and we were going in a big bath lol when i explained he put them on and had a fab time when
    we got home he said 'mummy we must go again' bless him we are goin on monday.
4. Have ordered some new wooden plaques to decorate and make look fab to add to my product range
    pillow orders are comin in at a steady flow and have booked a stall at a local craft fayre in may also
    discussed with the PTFA i am on for Eddie's school the possiblity of paying to have a stall at the
    summer fayre so lots of exciting business things happening.
5. This Thursday just gone Was our 5th wedding anniversery time flies when life's this good xxxxx

Well i think i will sign off now and get some well earned sleep as Eddie is at hotel Nanny for the night and i should get w whole nights sleep woop woop goodnight all

of and ps sorry for any typo's had well deserved glass or 2 of vino xxx

Rachel xxxxx

Friday, 20 January 2012

4-30am is a lovely time of day nooooooootttttttt????

Well the Eddiebear has been up since 4-30am I yearn for the days when my day only had one 4-30 in it lol on the plus side managed to whip up another new product line yesterdays creation after consultation wiv a good friend and blogger will be priced at £3-50 plus p&p.

todays creation will be £5-00 plus p&p
its a small zipped shoulder bag guys xxxxx