Monday, 30 January 2012

1st Day Back At School woohoo

Well Eddie's gone back to school today and he went in no problems after I had worried myself silly all night expecting a massive battle this morning. He had a little fight over the uniform(he put it away twice) but once it was on he was fine even putting his socks and shoes and I was shocked to say the least lol

Having a go at candle making gonna look for some tea cups to make them in ready for mother's day i think i need to change the xstitch in Rachel's Xstitch Creations to handmade doy u guys lol xxx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Finally back to normal

well its been a horrid few weeks As Eddie has had a nasty ear an throat infection he lost his voice for 2 days and stopped eating which was horrid I really would rather be ill myself than the little ones but Eddie especially as he can't tell me whats wrong. To make matters harder my in laws were away so had to rope in the wider family cudn't of done it without them.

so lets see whats been happening that i haven't had time to tell you all :-

1. when his voice returned we had 3 new words Pingu, Picking and Nanny....
2. Had his review at school which was very positive he is doing really well with his swimming and 
    doesn't need 1:1 anymore (which considering he wudn't even go near water before he started in april
    is amazing ) he is using his pecs(picture exchange communication skills) so well he has moved upto
    the next stage using a sentence strip. and they are introducing him to the maths programme as his
    love of numbers is totally apparent. he can put the numbers 1-10 in order and is trying to count
    making a good sound for each number. he has learnt to peddle a bike and is now using the toilet
    rather than pullups cudn't of asked for a better review his targets for the next year are to answer the
    register and to identify his own name. One very proud mummy and daddy here xxxx
3. took Ben swimming for the 1st time with his little pal and his mummy which i was amazed he loved
    we did have a little struggle over the trunks as he didn't understand cas he has to wear nothing in the
    bath and we were going in a big bath lol when i explained he put them on and had a fab time when
    we got home he said 'mummy we must go again' bless him we are goin on monday.
4. Have ordered some new wooden plaques to decorate and make look fab to add to my product range
    pillow orders are comin in at a steady flow and have booked a stall at a local craft fayre in may also
    discussed with the PTFA i am on for Eddie's school the possiblity of paying to have a stall at the
    summer fayre so lots of exciting business things happening.
5. This Thursday just gone Was our 5th wedding anniversery time flies when life's this good xxxxx

Well i think i will sign off now and get some well earned sleep as Eddie is at hotel Nanny for the night and i should get w whole nights sleep woop woop goodnight all

of and ps sorry for any typo's had well deserved glass or 2 of vino xxx

Rachel xxxxx

Friday, 20 January 2012

4-30am is a lovely time of day nooooooootttttttt????

Well the Eddiebear has been up since 4-30am I yearn for the days when my day only had one 4-30 in it lol on the plus side managed to whip up another new product line yesterdays creation after consultation wiv a good friend and blogger will be priced at £3-50 plus p&p.

todays creation will be £5-00 plus p&p
its a small zipped shoulder bag guys xxxxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Been a funny few days here in my world lol

Well not been able to blog these last few days Eddie has been poorly no voice just when he has started using words confidently he gets a throat infection and looses it poor thing thank goodness for PECS is all i can say.

On the crafty front have been busy with commissions and taking new ones but also been working on my new lines here is a sneaky peek at my new mobile phone/sunglass pouches:-

What do u think I also have some little purses on a string and some little bags to do as well i used felt for the flowers and butterfly and found some cute little buttons to add......

I would really appreiciate peoples opinions on these.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Somebody Stop me I'm on a roll lol

Well I've got some great new ideas to work on.
1. Mobile Phone holders got some cute little motif to sew then i have some cute buttons to add to them
2. Little purses same as above
3.I have loads of glasses that had candles in as i always have sented candles burning and i was begrudged to throw them away soooo I have brought some glass paints washed them all out and have set about painting flowers and butterflys on them
4. Mothers Day have found a simple design that will look good as a pillow or a card so have set about sewing some ready for march inbetween orders

feeling really positive about making this venture work studio is all sorted now and set out for me to work in heater is fab and i've put my radio in there so in the day when my munchkins are at school and hubs is at work i can busy myself away in there.

have updated my website to add my christmas stockings as they sold well and will be adding cards too when i have stitched my full range just finished a cute sweet 16th one which will be great to give to my neice next month.

Eddie update :-

His teacher is still adament he should go on transport but I have put my foot down completely she did not win this mummy knows her little man better than her. He is adjusting to using our story board again and is getting dressed much easier still not heard off the doctor re his sleep meds so will be on a mission with that one next week lol

If you would like to look at my website it is

I am now goin to lie down before I have brain overload lol xxxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Let Battle Commence!!!!

Well got a busy day today got an order to finish, have my hair done, design a sweet 16 card oh and go fight eddie's corner with his teacher!!!!!

I have a meeting with Eddie's teacher at 2-45 this afternoon and I won't be bullied he is NOT goin on transport and he does NOT get away with murder
yes he sometimes lives life to his own rules but if its not hurtin anyone then y does it bloody well matter I am taking my story board to show her how we get through the day to help Eddie no one tells me i'm a bad mother no one!!!!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Am i such a bad mother????

Well I came home from school in floods of tears tonight Eddie is having problems going into school since coming back after xmas I think because there are 3 new children in the class who are all very little and very young (3yrs old) and his teacher came out into the reception and in front of all the other mum's and announced that he should come to school on transport so he leaves me at home as me bringing him is the problem well I as his mother really don't think he would cope at all well with this as they can be sitting in the transport for up to 20 mins while they are unloaded in turn so i am being a bad mother because I won't let him go on transport. she also said she feels he gets away with too much and lives life to his own agenda well yes he's AUTISTIC hun they do live life to their own agenda but he by no means gets away with anything at home we work tirelessly to keep him in a normal routine working with pictures and symbols to help him understand
he's very tired as he doesn't sleep well which won't help and his iron levels are low which again doesn't help with his mood I was soooo angry i have wrote a letter to her explaining all of the above and telling her in no uncertain terms he will not be going in a taxi grrrrrrr

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rachel's Xstitch Creations Journey: Why did I start this????

Rachel's Xstitch Creations Journey: Why did I start this????: Ok so i got up this morning and decided to sort my studio(large insulated shed in the garden brought for me by my wonderful hubby last year)...

Why did I start this????

Ok so i got up this morning and decided to sort my studio(large insulated shed in the garden brought for me by my wonderful hubby last year) out. I brought a new heater last week and decided to test it out well its half done and starting to look organised I can now use my work bench and have moved the radio from the kitchen in there so I can have some company from Heart FM whilst I work.
I have moved all the boxes around and thrown out all my old childminding stuff out and it may actually be usable again lol I have loads of things that I need to ebay which I will do this week and I will then have a little warm retreat to work on my business woop woop.

Eddie's been more himself today happily playing with daddy and ben in the playroom relaying the train track which looks super doper xxxx

Funny old day & no more Top Gear for Ben!!!!!

Well yesterday was very funny in more ways than 1. Picked Eddie up from hotel Nanny (he goes to sleep at my mum's every friday so I get 1 full nights sleep a week) he came home happy but in his own little world once he'd got over the coming home meltdown(he seems to have one everytime we pull on the drive at the min if we cud afford the petrol he'd be happy driving round all day!!!) he took to his bed watching dvds no real interaction from him he just kept bringin me his dvd chart each time he wanted it changed!!!!! not sure if he's feeling poorly or just having a bad day bless him i wish he cud tell me.

Got my next order all ready for patchworking its a lovely pillow for a sweet 16 present I've put some shoes,handbag,lipstick & nail polish on it looks really girlie I love it think I may do a variation of it as a card I have a neice and goddaughter turning 16 this yr hehehehe!!!

Tried to upload my pics of my cards to a selling folder on my facebook page this mornign so I cud start taking orders but facebook had other ideas grrrr guess i'll try again later lol

Ben is now banned from watching Top gear!!!! Eddie wastrying so hard to tell me something saying 'c  c  c  c  c  c' ben pipes up he's trying to say cock I nearly died when i asked him where he had heard it he replied
' captain slow says it all the time'
which to be fair he does but oh my I nearly died lol xxx

Friday, 6 January 2012

battered and bruised!

Eddie had a major night terror last night he sleeps through them kicking and screaming punching its so distressing to watch poor thing I always end up battered and bruised stopping him hurting himself! It must of been bad cas it even woke Daddy which is very hard to do lol he'd sleep though a bomb i'm pretty sure!!!
Took him to school and had a chat with his teacher Mrs Midge she is of the same oppinion as me that it is the pitch of the new boys cry which is causing him distress so hopefully when the new little chap has settled Eddie will get back to normal. I'm still waiting for thr info on the medication they want to put him on to help him sleep protocol is I have to read it before they can issue a script for the meds and even though I have done extensive reseach on the net they won't issue till they have sent me the info. They need to hurry up lol I NEED SLEEP.
Got most of the cross stitching done on my next order today after i'd had a long soak in the bath which was bliss.
hope u hav all had a good day
xxx Rachel xxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Its been a looonnnggg day!!!

Day 2 of return to school Eddie is really struggling with this whole getting dressed lark(he has big sensory issues with clothes) took me from 7-15 to 8-30 to get him to stay dressed he flatly refused to put his t'shirt on carried it with him spoke to Mrs Midge and we both agree its because its new so have put it for washing again to try to get it right for him poor little munchkin. Ben almost got himself dressed this morning very proud of him.
I have also managed to finish my next order (pic to follow when its put together) and also did a boy birthday card here are the 2 cards i'm now working on a sweet 16 card.

boys are now ready for bed and i won't be far behind um 5am wake ups are no fun i can tell u that much but i love my family xxx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

"Mummy why are u putting christmas in that box?"

Spent the day putting the christmas decs in there boxes and taking the tree down. Decided on a new tac this year and have slowly removed christmas from the house so as not to have the normal putting the decs away meltdown and it worked a treat but it had taken over the utility so had to put it all in its boxes ready to go in the loft when hubby gets home and I'd just like to say
My 3 yr old (none asd) asked me why I was putting christmas in a box hence the title of my blog lol xx


hehehehe xxxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

my 2 fav designers at the min xx

I love the designs on Jenny Barton is uploading on her site and also Rhona Norrie her penguin designs are sooooo cute x

New to Blogging!!!!!

This is my 1st blog scary Rachel's xstitch creations is my new business venture I make personalised cross stitch gifts pillows, cards, door hangers & xmas stockings with new products in the pipe line. I have started this venture to combine my love of cross stitching and bein able to earn some money whilst looking after my lovely family. I have been married for 5 yrs with 2 wonderful little boys one of which has ASD (autism spectrum disorder) which is why i need to work from home thanks for reading
Rachel x