Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I refuse to be the fat bridesmaid!!!!!

ok all is well now lots of things to update Eddie has been struggling to go into school getting very upset I have found out there is a new child in the class who is crying all day!!!!! After having a meeting with the teacher who was adement it was my fault for bringing him to school and he should come in a taxi even though i know its is because of the child crying which is one of Eddie's triggers!!! she has now decided that I am right and that he will settle once the new child settles. i would just like to I TOLD YOU SO

orders are flooding in so busy busy busy candles and mum's pillows are very popular for mothers day xx

Ben has his bestie Jonah for lunch and play today its very amusing sitting here listening them playing wiv the trainset i must be mad.

my bestie is in labour wiv her little boy can't wait to get some snuggles in when he's finally here good luck sarah push girl push xxxx

And to the title of  todays blog my little sister (we share a dad but not mum) who i only found via facebook 3 and a half yrs ago has finally found the ONE in  the shape of neil they are moving in together later in the year and they hav announced they are getting married next year. she wants me to be bridesmaid so i am now on a big mission to loose the final excess lb's i have about my person so as of today chocolate is out and weightwatchers is in!!!!!

todays menu cereal for breakfast
                      ww tom soup an 2 slices of ww bread for lunch
                      grilled chicken veg and baked pot for tea

fingers crossed will keep u posted on my plan i am 12 stone 8 at min wud like to be nearer 11 xxx

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  1. Hope the new child settles into school quickly so that your son is happy again. As I always say 'Mum knows best' lol
    Glad the orders are still coming in, that's brilliant news.
    Good luck with the diet....sorry to say but you'll hate my new design!!!!