Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back to the blogger in me lol xx

not been able to blog much wiv one thing and another but hopefully life's back on track and hopefully i will be able to blog each day again xxxx

Eddie has settled back into school well after his illness and as i always said it wasn't me taking him to school it was the noise of the unsettled new children who hav all now settled and eddie is less upset when he sees the classroom shock horror i know my son better than his teacher!!!!!!

On the downside he has decided that 3am is an appropriate time to get up which i am afraid is totally killing me i am having to go back to bed for an hour after the school run or i would never get through the day he however seems to be able to keep going till bedtime grrrr.

I have been making my scented candles in tea cups and expresso cups these are £5 for the tea cups and £3-50 for the expresso cups the design of the china depends what i can source so are individual


How they come gift wrapped

Expresso cup

I have also been dabbaling with greetings cards i have made 8 cards to see how people feel about them what do u guys think? will be charging £2 per card.

This has taken forever to add a pic so i won't be able to add the others for i would throw the computer out of the window xxx

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