Monday, 9 January 2012

Am i such a bad mother????

Well I came home from school in floods of tears tonight Eddie is having problems going into school since coming back after xmas I think because there are 3 new children in the class who are all very little and very young (3yrs old) and his teacher came out into the reception and in front of all the other mum's and announced that he should come to school on transport so he leaves me at home as me bringing him is the problem well I as his mother really don't think he would cope at all well with this as they can be sitting in the transport for up to 20 mins while they are unloaded in turn so i am being a bad mother because I won't let him go on transport. she also said she feels he gets away with too much and lives life to his own agenda well yes he's AUTISTIC hun they do live life to their own agenda but he by no means gets away with anything at home we work tirelessly to keep him in a normal routine working with pictures and symbols to help him understand
he's very tired as he doesn't sleep well which won't help and his iron levels are low which again doesn't help with his mood I was soooo angry i have wrote a letter to her explaining all of the above and telling her in no uncertain terms he will not be going in a taxi grrrrrrr


  1. omg rachel that is outrageous for them to suggest such a thing. you need to send a copy of the letter to the head of the school as well.

    my kids have had problems going back since xmas as well and at the end of the day he is only a little boy. i don't think his teacher has had much connection with autistic children otherwise she wouldn't say such things. also has she got any proof that he is "getting away with things"

    sending you (((hugs)))

  2. sorry heather I did chuckle Eddie attends a specialist Autism school so his teacher is fully qualified but i'm glad u said that cas it does sound like she doesn't goin in today to fight my corner xx

  3. Rachel just cos they're a teacher and work there don't mean they always understand sunshine xx they should do but the odd one or two get throught the gaps lol