Sunday, 8 January 2012

Why did I start this????

Ok so i got up this morning and decided to sort my studio(large insulated shed in the garden brought for me by my wonderful hubby last year) out. I brought a new heater last week and decided to test it out well its half done and starting to look organised I can now use my work bench and have moved the radio from the kitchen in there so I can have some company from Heart FM whilst I work.
I have moved all the boxes around and thrown out all my old childminding stuff out and it may actually be usable again lol I have loads of things that I need to ebay which I will do this week and I will then have a little warm retreat to work on my business woop woop.

Eddie's been more himself today happily playing with daddy and ben in the playroom relaying the train track which looks super doper xxxx

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  1. glad its working out for you rachel. i love listening to heart fm as well - i have it on via the sky box though as i'm out of their normal listening range