Thursday, 5 January 2012

Its been a looonnnggg day!!!

Day 2 of return to school Eddie is really struggling with this whole getting dressed lark(he has big sensory issues with clothes) took me from 7-15 to 8-30 to get him to stay dressed he flatly refused to put his t'shirt on carried it with him spoke to Mrs Midge and we both agree its because its new so have put it for washing again to try to get it right for him poor little munchkin. Ben almost got himself dressed this morning very proud of him.
I have also managed to finish my next order (pic to follow when its put together) and also did a boy birthday card here are the 2 cards i'm now working on a sweet 16 card.

boys are now ready for bed and i won't be far behind um 5am wake ups are no fun i can tell u that much but i love my family xxx


  1. Hi, great blog and lovely cards!

  2. them cards are fantastic Rachel x
    we had problems this morning with stevie getting dressed, must be something in the air lol ;)

  3. thank u quick to do cheap to produce so hopefully will be a money maker fingers crossed xx thank sara and heather it must be the wind lol xx