Monday, 16 January 2012

Somebody Stop me I'm on a roll lol

Well I've got some great new ideas to work on.
1. Mobile Phone holders got some cute little motif to sew then i have some cute buttons to add to them
2. Little purses same as above
3.I have loads of glasses that had candles in as i always have sented candles burning and i was begrudged to throw them away soooo I have brought some glass paints washed them all out and have set about painting flowers and butterflys on them
4. Mothers Day have found a simple design that will look good as a pillow or a card so have set about sewing some ready for march inbetween orders

feeling really positive about making this venture work studio is all sorted now and set out for me to work in heater is fab and i've put my radio in there so in the day when my munchkins are at school and hubs is at work i can busy myself away in there.

have updated my website to add my christmas stockings as they sold well and will be adding cards too when i have stitched my full range just finished a cute sweet 16th one which will be great to give to my neice next month.

Eddie update :-

His teacher is still adament he should go on transport but I have put my foot down completely she did not win this mummy knows her little man better than her. He is adjusting to using our story board again and is getting dressed much easier still not heard off the doctor re his sleep meds so will be on a mission with that one next week lol

If you would like to look at my website it is

I am now goin to lie down before I have brain overload lol xxxx

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