Friday, 6 January 2012

battered and bruised!

Eddie had a major night terror last night he sleeps through them kicking and screaming punching its so distressing to watch poor thing I always end up battered and bruised stopping him hurting himself! It must of been bad cas it even woke Daddy which is very hard to do lol he'd sleep though a bomb i'm pretty sure!!!
Took him to school and had a chat with his teacher Mrs Midge she is of the same oppinion as me that it is the pitch of the new boys cry which is causing him distress so hopefully when the new little chap has settled Eddie will get back to normal. I'm still waiting for thr info on the medication they want to put him on to help him sleep protocol is I have to read it before they can issue a script for the meds and even though I have done extensive reseach on the net they won't issue till they have sent me the info. They need to hurry up lol I NEED SLEEP.
Got most of the cross stitching done on my next order today after i'd had a long soak in the bath which was bliss.
hope u hav all had a good day
xxx Rachel xxx

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  1. oh poor lil eddie i remember when mine used to have night terrors and they were horrible to watch :( hugs for you on that front and hope the new boy settles in real quick.
    fingers crossed you get your meds soon hun xxx