Sunday, 8 January 2012

Funny old day & no more Top Gear for Ben!!!!!

Well yesterday was very funny in more ways than 1. Picked Eddie up from hotel Nanny (he goes to sleep at my mum's every friday so I get 1 full nights sleep a week) he came home happy but in his own little world once he'd got over the coming home meltdown(he seems to have one everytime we pull on the drive at the min if we cud afford the petrol he'd be happy driving round all day!!!) he took to his bed watching dvds no real interaction from him he just kept bringin me his dvd chart each time he wanted it changed!!!!! not sure if he's feeling poorly or just having a bad day bless him i wish he cud tell me.

Got my next order all ready for patchworking its a lovely pillow for a sweet 16 present I've put some shoes,handbag,lipstick & nail polish on it looks really girlie I love it think I may do a variation of it as a card I have a neice and goddaughter turning 16 this yr hehehehe!!!

Tried to upload my pics of my cards to a selling folder on my facebook page this mornign so I cud start taking orders but facebook had other ideas grrrr guess i'll try again later lol

Ben is now banned from watching Top gear!!!! Eddie wastrying so hard to tell me something saying 'c  c  c  c  c  c' ben pipes up he's trying to say cock I nearly died when i asked him where he had heard it he replied
' captain slow says it all the time'
which to be fair he does but oh my I nearly died lol xxx

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